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CULTURED 215 TKTKTTKTTKTKTTKTKTKTTKTKTK ART + PRACTICE The former studio of painter Mark Bradford is now a multi-use center in the Leimert Park neighborhood, a historic nexus of African-American artists and musicians. Opened by Bradford, his partner, social activist Allan DiCastro, and philanthropist Eileen Harris Norton, it encompasses an exhibition space (curated in collaboration with the Hammer Museum), artist work spaces and free office space for The RightWay Foundation, an organization which provides job training and mental health services to foster youth. "A+P's mandate is to create an educational platform that supports the acquisition of practical skills for foster youth," says DiCastro, "and stresses the cultural importance of art within a larger social context." A solo show of assemblage sculptures by John Outterbridge will open on December 12. JOAN Sharp-eyed visitors to JOAN may notice some inconspicuous objects hanging from beams or sitting on windowsills: a jar of pennies, a dried orange, a row of 40 nails. The pieces—all folkloric ways to ward off evil or bring good luck to a home—are remnants of an exhibition by artist Jason Metcalf, who helped inaugurate (and safeguard) the new nonprofit space when it opened in March. JOAN is the brainchild of independent curators Summer Guthery and Gladys- Katherina Hernando and Rebecca Matalon, a curatorial assistant at MOCA. "We wanted the name to reference it being three women who started the space. We started writing down names of powerful women and there were all these Joans on our list from Joan Didion to Joan Crawford to Joan of Arc." On view through December 20 is "Sylvia Bataille," a group show with works by Matt Wycoff, Harry Dodge and Eileen Quinlan and Cheyney Thompson, among others. Says Guthery: "We like working outside of the commercial gallery model. There's nothing to buy here. There's only something to learn and enjoy and see." JOAN founders Rebecca Matalon, Summer Guthery and Gladys-Katherina Hernando. The opening of the artist-in-residence exhibition at Art + Practice. PHOTO BY SEAN SHIM BOYLE (ART AND PRACTICE); DAVID MATORIN (JOAN)

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