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or Sophie Elgort, fashion photography is the family business. The emerging 30-year-old photographer grew up on the set of Vogue shoots watching her father—the legendary fashion photographer Arthur Elgort—create iconic covers for the monthly. "I was influenced by his style of shooting," says Elgort. "He always tried to get out of the studio, and I learned that from him." Elgort, who remembers staging photo shoots outside of her parents' New York City apartment, says, "I have countless rolls of film where I would dress my friends up and take their pictures. So I always knew I loved doing that." In 2008, Elgort started taking photographs professionally when she was asked by friends if she would shoot editorial advertisements for their vintage fashion shop, ALIOMI. Since then, Elgort has developed a commercial practice that focuses on fashionable youth. "I'm trying to show something other than what people would maybe see at first glance," she says. "I'm interested in shooting people when they are coming of age and discovering themselves. Young people in general—they just let their guard down. We have a good time. It's so innocent but it's also really cool because you are seeing this person at a specific time in their life." Elgort's portraits, like her father's, focus on the spontaneity of capturing young supermodels like Coco Rocha outside of a studio in motion on the street. In one series of spirited pictures entitled Graffiti City, she captures 20-somethings skateboarding underneath a bridge. "Even if it's a model, I still want to see who's behind the guy or girl," she notes, having shot boyish editorials for brands like Adidas and Botkier and portraits of young Hollywood stars like her younger brother and actor, Ansel Elgort. "They're never going to be the same again," Elgort says, admitting that she favors shooting male subjects. "They're in this in-between phase that's only going to last a couple of years. It's an interesting thing for me to capture. I also feel as I get older, my subjects will change." She adds, "But for now I'm really drawn to that experience." PHOTO BY JAMES NOVA SHOOTING STAR F Emerging photographer Sophie Elgort captures today's Bright Young Things. BY ANTWAUN SARGENT 160

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